7 Creative Ways To Reach 10,000 Steps

on November 29, 2021

Whether you track your steps with wearable tech or you use your phone, reaching a certain number of steps seems to have turned into a competition for some people. Competing against their friends, or competing against their own previous steps; everyone wants to reach 10,000 steps. 

But what is it about 10,000 steps? Why is that number so important? 

The concept originated in Japan, and it started way back in 1964. You might be surprised to learn that at the time, there was no evidence to suggest 10,000 steps was an ideal number. It was simply a number that was made up to create buzz and interest to aid sales of step counters. 

Since then, though, there have been plenty of studies that have proven the benefits of boosting your step count. And 10,000 steps has become the goal to achieve – it's essentially around an hour and a half of constant walking. And without a doubt, that much walking each day can't be bad for you – so the 10,000 steps goal has stuck. 

One study, in particular, found that participants who hit 10,000 steps daily for a period of eight months reported an increase in fitness, energy levels, and experienced a drop in weight and blood pressure. 

If you're struggling to hit your 10,000 steps goal every day, the following ideas might help!

  1. Active Wear

When you feel comfortable, it is much easier to exercise. Investing in active wear isn't just a smart move to make exercise more fun, it also leaves you feeling more comfortable and assured as you tackle new ways to hit 10,000 steps. When you're looking for gym clothing in Australia, you want moisture wicking women's activewear. You want to beat the heat and do it in style. Quality active wear enhances confidence, so you’ll enjoy walking a lot more. 

  1. The Long Way 'Round

Do you hop in a lift? Take the stairs instead. Take regular breaks and go for a 5-minute walk on the hour to get your blood pumping. Instead of sitting down for a small meeting, take it on the move and walk while you talk. Consider a treadmill desk or even a standing desk. At a standing desk, you can walk in place while you work. 

  1. Inefficient Shopping

Are you an organised person who writes your shopping list in order of the aisles where you'll find your products? If so, be more disorganised. The supermarket is an excellent opportunity to get your steps in. Who cares if you have to track back four aisles to pick up Vegemite if it means you’re getting in an extra 50 steps? 

  1. Park & Walk

Wherever you drive, when it comes time to park pick the further spot available. This is your opportunity to get some good steps in, and it'll prepare you for the walking you do in the shop or park, too, even if it's just a flying visit. 

  1. Chores

Just 15 minutes of hoover time will rack up over 1,000 steps. Spending half an hour tackling your garden? That could mount up as many as 2,500 steps. So, for the days you know you don't get out and about much, using your chores to boost your step count is ideal. 

  1. Random Dancing

Blast your favourite upbeat tunes and let your body move to the music! What better way to increase your step count and get your heart rate up than through a touch of random dancing? It's perhaps the most fun way to tackle steps. 

  1. Utilise Your Step Counter

It's counting your steps for a reason and that is to keep you on track! Consult your counter regularly so you know exactly where you stand and have a good idea of what it's going to take to ensure you get those 10,000 steps in daily. 


The health benefits of walking are vast. A simple 30-minute daily jaunt is enough to boost bone strength, increase cardiovascular health, reduce body fat, and improve both endurance and muscle power. Of course, it also reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers. Hitting those 10,000 steps could change your life, so go on – get walking!