on April 13, 2018

Super mum Juca @active_mum_life has an amazing following on Instagram offering home workout tips and support to all mums out there.  Juca has been an amazing support to the Yogadoll brand from across the globe, and we appreciate all her help and love seeing her wearing our activewear looking totally amazing. 

For all you mums or mums-to-be out there, with mother’s day around the corner we thought it a perfect time to ask Juca some questions:


Juca, what made you decide to start your Insta @active_mum_life?

When I gave birth to my twin girls in 2014, I had to stay at home. I couldn't do the things like, before kids, so suffered depression. At the 8 months, postpartum my hubby helped me find a hobby to help me cope better with my depression. I was always a sporty lady. When I started to do exercises at home, I started to feel better about myself, and I wanted to help others who want to get in shape again after having kids and for their kids to be involved like mine.


In June 2016 I made my account public to help others out there because of the depression I was suffering after giving birth. I am so thankful to my hubby for his support and all the ladies out there who support us on our unique journey that I started to share with all of you 💗


You’re a very busy mum with 3 gorgeous girls, how do you incorporate your daily activates with them?

My movement on social media and in the world became unique said Cosmopolitan and Daily Mail, because not only do I share different exercises, but I do them with my kids. They do the same like me in the easiest way, without equipment and only at home. I don’t know how many times a day I spend doing this, but it feels like all day.


Your body transformation has been amazing, what daily exercises would you recommend for all the busy mums out there?

While I do the daily routines while changing diapers or washing my baby's hair, and the others. Everybody can do the same; everybody can do squats, lunges do some push-ups around the house.


With over 95 thousand followers on Instagram are you overwhelmed with the feedback and support you receive and how do you cope managing with it all?

Day by day there is less and less time to respond to the messages, but I try to help everyone who needs motivation or tips for the everyday crazy lives :) I need some help, so I found a marketing company who can help to manage my program.


What would be your biggest tip for any mums out there looking to get fit after having a baby?

My tips for mums, you have to start to love your body all the time! Your body has changed, you will never be the same, don’t worry about the others opinion about you! Be yourself, and you should find a thing that helps you in your life :) You will be a happy and balanced mum! Don’t have to be a fitness lady; you can be you, you can be an explorer, etc. Send you lot of love and positive vibes ladies 💗


We love to watch your journey with your beautiful family and recommended everyone to do the same. So much positive energy and vibes  XOX