Elisa Sutcliffe - Her Inspirational Story

on April 29, 2019


We love hearing a truly inspirational story and Elisa’s story really stands out to us here at Yogadoll! Let’s find out how Elisa went from unhappy, unhealthy and overweight to being fit, strong, healthy and successful! What gets this single mum of 3 motivated and her top tips to stay fit, healthy and positive!

Elisa, tell us when and how your life changed for the better

After I had my 3rd child Hayden in 2011 I knew something had to change... I couldn’t fit into my clothes and hated going out in public, especially in hot weather because the only thing I felt comfortable in were my size 20 jeans. Enough was enough! I got up early and stayed up late to exercise, I ate smaller portions of healthier food and by the time Hayden turned one I had dropped 5 dress sizes.

My GP suggested joining a gym to build some strength with weights - enter Les Mills BodyPump and I still remember my first class at Fitness First! I tried all the classes before my instructor encouraged me to become an instructor myself - which I did, and now teach 9 different programs.

I have loads more energy, and am the fittest I have ever been in my life! I can keep up with the kids and my hectic lifestyle without feeling sluggish. I have made a lot of friends too which has enhanced the social aspect of my life.

How has your body changed?

I have gone from a Size 20 to a Size 10-12.

Why did you start with Group fitness?

I love working out with a supportive network of members who are there for exactly the same reason you are! 

What got you hooked?

That amazing feeling at the end of a tough class when everything felt ten times harder than it did last week, then waking up the next day ready to do it all over again! Group Fitness is addictive but in the best way possible!

What keeps you motivated?

I love inspiring other people who were just like me to become fitter and healthier. I want my participants to know what is achievable and how amazing they can feel!

What classes do you teach now? How many per week?

I teach many different programs – 5 Les Mills programs as well as freestyle and Pilates classes. I currently teach 18-20 classes a week, varying from 30 mins to 1 hour each.

Tell us about the recent prestigious Fitness award you received

I recently won the 2018 Virgin Active Star Award for the Virgin Active Norwest Club. The Norwest club offers over 200 classes per week and out of the many instructors teaching at this amazing facility, I was honoured to be chosen as the Instructor of the year.



What ambitions do you have to take your career to the next level?

I would love to become a Les Mills SPRINT Presenter for Les Mills Asia Pacific. Hopefully one day – but in the meantime, I have had the privilege of mentoring a number of new instructors in Sprint and BodyPump and love to team teach whenever I can.

Is there anyone in the fitness industry who gives you inspiration, or has helped you on your journey?

All of my participants! Seeing them every week getting stronger and fitter – that’s my inspiration! They help us as instructors more than they realise… on the tough days when life isn’t going to plan and you need to escape for an hour or so. They are there – waiting for you to help change and shape their life for the better.

How do you juggle full time work, fitness and 3 kids?

You should see my diary! I have everything planned – and am never late! This year I am celebrating 20 years of working Full Time at Woolworths in the Support Office in Norwest. My demanding “grown up” job, along with my fitness career and 3 kids makes every day a challenge, but everything has it’s time and place and my kids love seeing what I do and I know I inspire them too.

What does healthy eating mean to you. Any top tips?

A balanced diet is important and 2 years ago found a Nutritional Cleansing Program that helps me nourish my body, prepare and recover from training and maintain a healthy weight. I coach many people to lose weight and maintain it with this awesome program too!



So you have three children, tell us about them

Stephanie is 12, Amy is 11 and Hayden is 8. Stephanie and Amy are both quite sporty and participate in high level Taekwondo with Amy being awarded Black Belt last year and Steph her Brown Belt. They are both in their club’s elite squad and Amy was 2ndin the World Titles in 2017 for her Individual Poomsae. Hayden loves to draw (and is pretty good too) , he likes to ride his bike and of course play computer games!

What would you tell someone who is wanting to take that first step to get active but doesn’t know how?

A group fitness class is an awesome way to become active. Take it slowly to start and always speak to your instructor before class. Be a few minutes early so they can help you set up and explain what the class is all about. We have lots of variations of moves to suit all fitness levels and in our Les Mills Programs have the option of Smart Start – this is where you can do 20-30 mins of the class, then come back next time and add a few more tracks until you can complete the whole class.

If Group Fitness doesn’t interest you, most gyms have Personal Trainers that can individually assess your fitness level and design a personalised program just for you. They can show you how to use all the equipment for when you workout on your own.

What is important to you when choosing activewear? Why do you love Yogadoll Activewear?

I want something squat-proof that won’t ride down or bunch up and looks good! Performing difficult moves, remembering choreography and talking all at the same time is tricky enough without having to keep pulling your pants up! I love my Yogadoll tights as they are so comfortable that you forget you are wearing them! They look great, are made really well so they don’t fall apart in 5 minutes and I am supporting a local small business!

Aside to being a Mum and Fitness instructor what other hobbies/interests do you have?

I don’t have a lot of spare time as you can imagine, but I do enjoy reading autobiographies, cake decorating and baking and helping other people improve their health and wellness through the nutritional cleansing program I follow.