How To Date A Yogi

on September 05, 2018



What does your ideal man look like? If a man bun and proficiency at headstands are high on your checklist, then you’ve come to the right place. At Yogadoll, we’ve been busy investigating how to snag the yogi of your dreams—so get ready to put the romance into your yoga practice.


Join a new dating app

If mindful, healthy living is important to you and you’re looking for someone to share your conscious lifestyle, then dating app MeetMindful could be the answer. Launched in Denver, Colorado, in 2015, MeetMindful now has a growing community around the world. To get started, you pick two things that inspire you from a list that includes green living, meditation, spirituality and, of course, yoga, before signing up. Adding a personal mantra to your profile is a cute touch.


Wear yoga pants on a first date

Dating service Zoosk conducted some research at the beginning of this year—and it’s good news for yoga fans. A whopping 75 percent of men surveyed said that it was perfectly acceptable to wear workout clothes on a date, with 46 percent putting yoga pants at the top of their list. And while mentioning Pilates in your profile could garner up to 160 percent more messages, yoga was deemed pretty sexy too, coming in at number four.


Try yoga speed dating

If speed dating makes your heart sink, then why not try it with a twist? Way more fun than your standard table-hopping speed dating event, these singles classes feature partnered yoga poses where you swap partners with every pose. Fancy locking eyes over a yoga mat? Keep an eye out for events in your area, or find it in Perth, Western Australia, at PowerDatingYoga. Even if you don’t meet your dream yogi, at least you’ll get a great workout. 

Take up beer yoga

Yep, this is a thing

After seeing beer yoga at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, a Berlin-based yoga instructor brought it home to Germany and it has since been popping up at events around the world—including Australia. Basically, it’s your standard yoga class but using a beer bottle as a prop: balancing it on your head, for example. We’re thinking that not only will beer yoga attract a more masculine crowd than usual—it’s nicknamed “broga”, after all—but that sipping beer throughout will make it easier to strike up a conversation too. Frankly, we can’t see a downside.

Do you currently date a yogi?  If so tell us how you met, we'd be super interested to hear your story.