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  • Desk Job Alert

    It comes as no surprise that sitting all day is not healthy for our bodies. Research shows that sitting for excessive periods of time raises numerous health concerns. These include weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. Sitting has been described ... View Post
  • Elisa Sutcliffe - Her Inspirational Story

      We love hearing a truly inspirational story and Elisa’s story really stands out to us here at Yogadoll! Let’s find out how Elisa went from unhappy, unhealthy and overweight to being fit, strong, healthy and successful! What gets this single mum of 3 motivated and her top tips to stay fit, healt... View Post
  • 5 Yoga poses for CrossFitters that will whoop your Asana!

      If you are an avid CrossFitter, this is an article for you! Yoga may be the missing piece of your fitness puzzle! CrossFit is undoubtedly a fantastic way to develop full body strength, and while most CrossFit boxes will place an emphasis on mobility, it is still very easy to acquire imbalances... View Post