The 5 Best Yoga Apps


Can’t make it to class? One of the things we love most about yoga is that it’s so easy to practice at home, outside or where ever you like really: all you really need is a yoga mat—and a smartphone. With a bunch of yoga apps fighting for space on your home screen, here at Yogadoll we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.

Daily Yoga

Free, with in-app upgrades, iOS, Android

Best for: adding meditation to your schedule

If you like recording your stats and tracking your progress, Daily Yoga could be the app for you—like Nike Training Club, it keeps count of your total minutes and calories burned. There’s a limited selection of free sessions, but most of the content is available with the silver or gold Pro subscriptions. Daily Yoga tackles the usual goals—yoga basics, abs challenge—but we like the imaginative packaging of more specialist programs, from Yoga for a Younger Face to A Week’s Bedtime Yoga. There’s also plenty of audio, with music and guided meditation.


Nike Training Club

Free, iOS

Best for: mixing yoga into your regular fitness routine





One of the original training apps (it launched at the end of 2010), Nike Training Club is still the one to beat. Best known for its highly rated strength workouts, NTC added new yoga routines to the mix last year, developed with trainers Leah Kim and Traci Copeland. You can now choose from 17 yoga routines, ranging from the seven-minute Run Ready Yoga workout with Ellie Goulding (for beginners) to a 45-minute Ultimate Strength Yoga session for advanced yogis.


Down Dog

Free with in-app upgrades, iOS, Android

Best for: genuinely helpful instruction




Down Dog promises “great yoga anywhere” and we’d have to agree. Choose your sequence type, experience level and workout length, and the app will generate a new vinyasa sequence every time you practice. It’s easy to get started and, while there is a Pro upgrade option that gives you access to more features and content, the app is not intrusive about upselling this. We particularly appreciate the thoughtful instruction, which offers plenty of detail, and a music soundtrack with a skip option if you are not feeling a particular track.



Subscription ($24.99 per month), iOS, Android, PC, Apple TV

Best for interactive yoga classes



There are plenty of apps filled with pre-recorded classes; what’s special about Yogaia is that it offers a full schedule of live classes too. If you join a live class and turn on your webcam, you’ll be able to get feedback from the instructor, turning the app into an online studio (and if you’re feeling shy, you can choose to attend a class without the camera). Plus, of course, there are plenty of pre-recorded classes to choose from, as well as a series of lectures.


Pocket Yoga

$4.49, iOS, Android

Best for: a pocket directory of yoga poses



With illustrated demonstrations rather than video, Pocket Yoga has a different look and feel from the usual fitness apps. You can choose your practice, skill level and length of time for a workout, or select a Sun Salutation and number of repetitions, from two to 108. We particularly like the Poses section of the app, which features a comprehensive list of yoga poses complete with illustrations, detailed instruction, Sanskrit translation and the benefits of each pose.


Do you have a favourite yoga app that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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