A Flattering Change - Black vs Pattern Print Leggings

on September 23, 2017

Look around you at the gym! You'll notice that 70% of woman wear plain black leggings! Why?

Most women believe that black leggings make them look slimmer than more patterned prints - after all, black is supposed to be a slimming colour!

For many women, black is the 'go-to' colour, something that they have always worn and they feel comfortable wearing in front of other men and women and the gym!

However, if you compare a pair of plain leggings to patterned leggings side-by-side, the difference becomes much more apparent.

More and more people have taken to wearing loud, bright, vibrantly patterned leggings not only as they look to be more expressive in the clothes that they wear, but because of the way that these patterned leggings slim their bodies.

If you are one of these women that still need convincing, you're probably now thinking how a pair of loud patterned leggings could be more flattering than my plain black leggings I have always worn to the gym?

The answer is here for you to see! The eye instinctively follows movement and is naturally drawn to the pattern rather than the shape of your bottom and legs.

The pattern also covers any cellulite, which would otherwise be more visible in a plain colour or black leggings.

Patterned leggings also disguise any underwear, which eliminates those awkward moments when squatting and stretching the fabric to near transparency!

So, give them a try, you only need to be convinced once and believe me you’ll never go back to your plain coloured leggings again!

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