Broccoli - Why is it so healthy for you?

on June 18, 2018

Is broccoli good for health? Yes, it absolutely is.  Broccoli…it’s the magical wonder green veggie that’s an all-time recommendation by dieticians and arguably a must-present cruciferous veggie in any healthy diet. Are you looking to keep smart, healthy, and refreshed? Then, don’t go too far for broccoli is just by your door.

By the time you are reading this article on how broccoli carries out its magic, your question will undoubtedly be “how do I become a broccoli ambassador?” We are so darn serious.

Broccoli: In the beginning

History tells us broccoli was born in Italy more than 2000 years ago but is planted in most parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. It is a member of the cruciferous vegetable, which cabbage belongs to also. Broccoli also performs better when it is steamed rather than cooked in water.

In recent times, the demands for broccoli and its consumption has been on an all-high as more people begin to plug into the numerous broccoli benefits.


Broccoli Benefits

Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Excess cholesterol in the bloodstream could have a very unpleasant effect. Usually, cholesterol is needed to produce bile acids; which is often reconverted back to cholesterol creating a scenario where the cholesterol becomes excess in the bloodstream.


However, broccoli contains some compounds that bind it to the bile acids; thereby preventing the reconversion of bile acids back to cholesterol. This then ensures that the bile acid is excreted after its job is complete.

After the bile acid has been eliminated, new cholesterol is produced each time, helping to regulate your cholesterol level.

So if you are suffering from high cholesterol level? Then think of broccoli.


Enhances Removal of Waste



Another broccoli benefit is its help in rapidly eliminating toxins from the body. The presence of toxic waste in the body could cause a range of diseases such as cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, etc

Hence, it becomes imperative to ensure that wastes are eliminated promptly from the system. What better measure to use than to eat Broccoli. Broccoli contains boosters that include vitamin C, Sulphur, and polyphenols which help in the phase-specific elimination of waste.

Eating broccoli also helps in the breakdown of harmful toxins into metabolites that are less harmful and water-soluble, which are then passed out as urine.


Broccoli Benefits Weight Loss

Broccoli benefits weight loss in that it contains little calories, while at the same time very rich in nutrients. So rather than stay on a diet that promises to dash you some extra pounds, shouldn’t you consider making broccoli a part of your diet as you continue on your path of losing weight?


Broccoli Treats Constipation

Since broccoli contains an unusually high amount of fibre, it helps to restrict the free movement of wastes and food into the digestive tract. The fibre present in broccoli mainly aids the colon in that it adds bulk and then stirs a desire to defecate.


From helping to lose weight to give your body all the nutrients, it craves…one has to agree that broccoli is indeed the “Miracle Green.” The broccoli benefits are one-in-a-million.

So if your question at the start of the read was “is broccoli good for health?” We sure believe you have your answers already and wouldn’t hesitate to make broccoli the first item on your purchase list next time you go shopping. Go for it and thank us later.

Why wait one more day to start eating right and living healthy when you can start now by infusing broccoli into your diet?