on June 20, 2018


At Yogadoll we love discovering different ways to practice yoga. So when we heard about Buti, which mixes dynamic yoga with tribal dance, we had to check it out.


Buti yoga is the brainchild of celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, who has worked with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The workout is not just about torching calories (although it can certainly do that—the online classes claim to burn 600-900 calories per session). Through its combination of yoga, core work and dance—and a whole lotta shaking—Buti is designed to help students “break down the emotional barriers” too.


"Buti is about transforming from the inside out," says Bizzie Gold. "Sure it's a catchy tagline—but it's also one of the deepest truths about this practice and the lifestyle that so many students adopt with it. You're not here to polish your facade. What's better than rock hard abs? Feeling unshakably confident and vibrant before they make a surprise appearance."


The workout is catching on. Gold first launched the Buti concept in 2012, and there are now over 5,000 instructors worldwide, with classes available at Gymbox in London and Crunch in the US; most recently, Gold opened her own studio, B MVMNT, in New York City, offering Buti yoga in all its variations. It’s starting to make a few pop-up appearances in Australia too, and in the meantime, you can join in the fun through its online classes or DVDs.


So, what does it feel like to take a class? Well, you’ll spend some time in familiar poses, and there is indeed a lot of stretching involved. Like yoga, Buti is practised barefoot. But from the moment you start rotating your torso to the beat while sitting in a half lotus, it’s clear that this is not your average yoga session. Buti is an altogether sweatier—and sexier—experience.


Not long into a Buti class, the cardio kicks in. You’ll do lots of jumping: hopping your feet in and out while holding a plank position, for example. You might rest in child’s pose for a breath and then suddenly you’re kneeling up, scooping your hips from side to side as your butt hovers as close to your heels as possible. If you’re doing it right, you’ll certainly feel it the next day.


And then there’s the tribal dance. Imagine yourself in a wide squat, swaying your hips or spiralling your core while snaking your arms about, or shaking your head and shoulders. It can feel ridiculous at first, but there is absolutely no point in feeling self-conscious. The only thing to do is give in to the music, start vibrating with the rest of the class and enjoy it.


If you love traditional yoga but crave something more energetic, then Buti is well worth seeking out. It might possibly be the most fun you can have while wearing yoga pants.