Yoga with Yan - she's an inspiration!!

on March 03, 2017

I have been practising yoga for over 13 years.

Yoga has always been my passion. I decided to become a yoga teacher after practising for a number of years with a wonderful yoga teacher from my hometown in Malaysia. She was so inspiring to me which then encouraged me to learn more about the benefits it has to offer both physically and spiritually, so I decided to take my teacher training course.

Yoga has been of great benefit to me in so many ways. It has helped me to become more focused, in control, and calm of the many challenges that life so often throws at us. It has also enabled me to transform my body shape and align my posture better as well as maintain a good body weight. My strength has also improved so much because of yoga.  

Also I would like to say to everyone that I recently went through breast cancer treatment which involved tough bouts of chemotherapy sessions, it was after the ninth day of receiving chemotherapy that my body started to feel stronger, my energy levels seemed to improve, and it was then that the mat would be thrown on the floor and I couldn't wait to do my yoga practice. I really could not wait to practice yoga during this tough time and I seriously believe it has helped my recovery during treatment.

I am always trying to improve as I believe yoga is for life and we can never stop learning there are no gold medals in yoga it is all about personal growth and discipline commitment. I love having full classes it is a sign that my participants are enjoying the style I teach and that they feel as though they have had a good stretch and feel exhilarate both physically and mentally. I often get a great feedback from my class and this is my reward my achievement.

I have to say that my most challenging pose is the "Nidrasana" or sleeping yogi pose. I am still working on that but will master one day soon.

My advise to anyone considering starting yoga is that yoga is about practise, practise, practise and then they will see and feel the benefits that come from yoga.

My yoga wear is extremely important to me, I am very fussy. It has to feel comfortable and have some class about it. Colour is great, I love lots of colour and patterns, but its important that the design reflects the kind of exercise we are training in (yoga) in my case, it must not be too big on the collar and the waist needs to be secure and above the hips, which is important to me.