About Us

Who are the ladies behind Yogadoll?

I’m a super busy mum with four children with a passion for fitness, which formed many years ago as a teenager. As busy as my family keeps me, I always find the time to keep myself fit and healthy, AND I love wearing activewear. 

After years of struggling to find activewear that I could wear all day, that fitted well and felt comfortable, I aspired to create my own brand, and with my husband’s support, took the first steps on this exciting journey.

I'm so proud that I did but the process of building a business is a huge challenge. I trialled and tested my activewear over a whole year with fitness and yoga instructors to gain real feedback, adjusted and repeated my tests to ensure that I created not only a look but critically, a feel that would be adored by anyone that wore my clothes.   

From the very beginning, I had incredible support from my great friend Clare, who has now come on board and I feel so lucky to be sharing this journey with her. 

I hope that you love our range of beautiful activewear as much as we do!

Simonne xx

I’m a mother to two beautiful children and a fitness instructor; a passion I have been fortunate enough to pursue for the last 7 years that has enabled me to become a Les Mills BodyPump instructor and a Les Mills BodyBalance Presenter.

So, I spend a lot of time in activewear! ;-)

Fitness has, and will always be, a big part of my life and having high performing fabric that fits and feels fantastic is absolutely paramount for me.

My day usually starts super early around 5:30am, and after teaching a couple of classes during the day, running errands and racing around with the kids all afternoon I am often still in my activewear at 7 and sometimes 8pm at night. I love that my Yogadoll activewear always makes me feel and look great wherever I am throughout my hectic day!

I hope you love wearing our brand as much as I do.

Clare xx