Vibrant Mood Women's Full Length Leggings

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Vibrant Mood Tropical Full-Length Leggings:

Inspired by the tropical palm leaves of the rainforest, these beautifully vibrant full-length leggings will inspire you to achieve! These high-performance leggings are designed to handle some serious stretch and sweat. They include a small Gaeaner Power Mesh panel behind each knee which offers additional ventilation. The versatile waistband can be folded down for a low rise fit or a high rise fit offering additional support to your abdominal area.

Tech bits:

Made with our signature HUGO technical fabric:

  • Engineered using super light, high filament polyester and spandex yarns for unparalleled support and firm fit whilst giving the illusion of wearing nothing at all
  • Rapid Sweat-Wicking’ using a premium moisture management and quick dry system
  • Super Soft Cotton Feel’ with the benefits of advanced synthetic fibre technology
  • 4-way stretch technology for comfort and ultimate freedom of movement
  • Ideal for high-intensity cardio workouts, weight lifting, yoga and streetwear
Panels made with our amazing Gaeaner Power Mesh:
  • Made of Nylon and Spandex this technical mesh offers maximum support, durability and ventilation

Colour: Black, Blue and Pink

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